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Derek White


Galileo Financial Technologies and SoFo International

Derek is the CEO of Galileo Financial Technologies and also of SoFi International. As CEO of Galileo he is focussed on building the next generation financial infrastructure that will ensure future 'above-the-glass' innovation in financial services, can take place. For both Galileo and SoFi, Derek and his team are looking to drive the brand's growth globally, serving more clients, across more industry verticals, and into new territories as the combined entities look to build a unique AWS of Fintech model.

Prior to joining Galileo, Derek led Google’s Global Financial Services Cloud. He was responsible for setting the strategy and creating the future of the financial services cloud, partnering with banks and insurance companies to transform their core businesses into state of the art digital businesses while also creating new solutions, products, and capabilities.

Before Google, Derek headed BBVA's Global Client Solutions area - bringing the transformation around excellence in product and services to the customer.

Client Solutions included the main creation areas of the bank such as Business Development in all countries, Global Products, Marketing and Digital Sales, and core new capabilities (Design and Big Data). It also integrated the global businesses of Insurance; Prevision, Asset Management; Global Wealth, Payments and Consumer Finance, and New Digital Business - which focused on investing in and launching new fintech businesses, as well as bolstering collaboration with the startup and developer ecosystem.

Prior to this he worked for Barclays, which he joined in 2004, through the acquisition of Juniper Bank, where he was an early member of the start-up internet bank. In his last role at Barclays, Derek led the U.K. bank’s digital banking, transforming traditional business lines by embracing disruptive technologies and the startup ecosystem, while overseeing the design and launch of market leading applications, platforms and services.

An entrepreneur and a global banking executive with experience building and transforming two internet banks, two large American banks and two global banks. Derek has worked across all major consumer and institutional banking product lines in pursuit of creating amazing products, services, and value. His professional passion is the intersection of human interaction, technology and money.

When not pursuing his professional passion, Derek can be found exploring nature’s creations with his wife Jennie and four children.

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