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Dejan Roljic


Dejan has always been an entrepreneur. He founded his first company when he was sixteen and never looked back. In his twenties, he founded ABC Accelerator, connecting startups all over the world. In 2017, Dejan founded Eligma, a company for smart commerce solutions. Its GoCrypto solution utilizes blockchain technology to establish communication standards for crypto payment networks. GoCrypto has the status of the fastest-growing crypto payment network. Present in 69 countries and with at least one active location. GoCrypto is being used at 2600+ locations by 40+ million users and can easily be integrated at more than 80,000 locations (physical and online stores) for over 150 million users. As a real pay tech visionary, Dejan has already envisioned the future of payments, the so-called GoCrypto 2.0, an improved solution that will enable decentralized payments. His work has been dedicated to ensuring a better and more sustainable future for all.

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