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Ben Borodach

Co-Founder & CEO


Ben has spent his career working at the intersection of finance and technology. He helped scale Team8 Group into a multi-hundred million AUM fund, and initiated and helped sell several FinTech companies to PayPal and Bitsight, among others. During his tenure, Ben also spearheaded the firm's strategy arm and its US office and launched an award-winning cyber ETF and PhD program. He has also been a contributor to the WEF on issues relating to central bank digital currencies.

Prior to joining Team8, Ben was a FinTech strategist at Deloitte Consulting, where he advised the largest US banks and insurers on their business, technology, M&A and venture strategies.

Most recently, Ben co-founded April to bring more equity to the tax experience for all Americans. The company's vision is to democratize access to the tax code, enabling any company to develop and incorporate tax features and filing into their application.

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Making tax sexy for fintech entrepreneurs