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Sshhhhh, it's a sneak peek

Speaker line-up 2022

Consider this a glimpse or a flash

Below are SOME of the fintech powerhouses who will be gracing our stages and speaking on this year's agenda themes. They're not coming to the show to play, they're coming to lead, transform and flip the script on every front of your fintech expectations.

This line-up is just the tip of the iceberg.

Back end is out, front end is in

This theme is all about how the customer is driving innovation to the front end of fintech. Our speakers will explore what a best in class customer journey looks like, and what the ‘customer-first’ approach means for new products and services.

Champions are out, interoperability is in

It’s official, the barriers to entry are down thanks to a mainly standardized technological layer across Europe. As such, this theme will seek to understand how the payments engine is set to become the most critical piece of infrastructure of all.

Acquisition is out, distribution is in

Let’s talk alignment, this theme will tackle the topic of large end-user platforms and who will win the race for the customer. Forget the marketing budget, it’s all about user experience and how it can integrate with the distribution channels of the future.

Proprietary is out, standardisation is in

Did someone say fair competition? This theme will take a closer look at how the unification of financial infrastructure will start in the heart of Europe and spread - using open source and a back-to-basics approach, it’s time to get ready for the rise of the orchestration layer.

Ownership is out, permission is in

The title might sound self-explanatory but this theme is all about how ownership is changing hands from entities to individuals. It will also tackle that murky grey area between CeFi and DeFi and what is virtual and real - where the best of both worlds can merge.

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