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Wealth Reader

Wealthreader is an API platform designed to provide financial institutions with real-time access to comprehensive wealth information. This API enables the retrieval of detailed data from a wide array of banking products, including loans, insurance, credit cards, investment portfolios and other financial assets. It offers a standardized and secure way for banks and other financial entities to access and manage financial data, thus facilitating better investment decisions and more accurate financial planning.

Wealth Reader's API goes beyond the capabilities of standard regulatory APIs by providing additional sources of wealth information, which helps financial institutions gain a fuller picture of their clients' assets. This can be particularly beneficial for tasks such as investment portfolio transfers, wealth reporting, and enhancing the detail of accounting management.

The platform is designed with ease of integration in mind, making it accessible for developers to implement within their systems. Wealth Reader aims to be the leading banking aggregation API in Europe, focusing on product excellence, efficiency, and security.

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