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viafintech digitally connects retailers, corporations and consumers through its platform to offer digital financial and value-added services. Our powerful API connects corporations with more than 20,000 retail partnerstores in Europe such as REWE, Rossmann, PENNY, BILLA, SBB, PAM and dm and ensures a smooth and fully automated interaction between all parties.

The unique viafintech payment infrastructure enables various services like cash-based banking services such as withdrawals, deposits and money transfers, cashless payment methods, prepaid solutions such as gift cards and many more. viafintech is known for its brands Barzahlen/viacash in Germany and Austria as well as viacash in Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Spain. The company was founded in 2011 in Germany (as Cash Payment Solutions GmbH) and is managed by Achim Bönsch, Sebastian Seifert, Junichi Takemura and Andreas Veller.

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