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Vaultody LTD

Vaultody is a state-of-the-art platform providing top-tier custody solutions tailored for enterprises, ensuring the most advanced security level available on the market for managing digital assets. Through our in-house built MPC technology and a suite of robust protection mechanisms, we ensure class-leading protection against both internal and external threats, making unauthorized access to your funds nearly impossible.

Our solutions empower Vaultody account owners with unmatchable flexibility and control over their assets, granting them full autonomy in managing their digital holdings. This is inclusive of assigning roles and rights to your team members, establishing automated rules, creation of predefined policies, setting transaction value limits, as well as introducing other changes through our two-level approval system.

At the heart of our innovation lies our Smart Vaults, which enable users to achieve significant cost savings of up to 90% on transaction fees. These Smart Vaults facilitate batch transactions, allowing users to optimize their time and resources efficiently. Smart Vaults also solve the very popular “wallet dust” issue through an integrated solution called “Gas Tanker”.

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