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Welcome to Truvity! A comprehensive solution that enables businesses to safely implement instant trust into their applications and services using Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) standards.

The Truvity Platform simplifies the integration of verifiable credentials into existing systems, saving time and money while establishing online trust with your business partners, customers, and potential customers. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with endless documents and let your developers focus solely on their business logic. Whether dealing with driving licenses, KYC profiles, or business document exchanges, our API and development tools make your life as a developer more manageable by handling SSI interactions, eliminating manual checks, and ensuring trust integrity.

We empower builders to go beyond basic use cases by providing a fact-oriented "database" of trusted credentials that are always integrated into your ecosystem, offering high-level answers about the current state of credentials and available business actions based on your own rules, eliminating the need to deal with individual documents or manual checks. Instant trust drives growth, progress, and efficiency, so start using it today.

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