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Tinaba is an innovative fintech company that seamlessly integrates with traditional banks, offering comprehensive neo-banking services in compliance with ECB regulations. Our app-based platform provides a range of features, including social money sharing, charity and crowdfunding, advanced banking products like robo-advisory and inflation-linked deposit accounts, varied and diverse payment options including cards and QR codes (including Alipay), crypto investments with full KYC, and an insurance program.What sets Tinaba apart is our ability to enable traditional banks to enter into the fintech space without incurring into setup costs or investing in legacy systems. This allows for a quick go-to-market strategy and empowers banks to tap into the fintech opportunities. At Money20/20, we are actively seeking partners for European expansion, be it through new services or go-to-market collaborations, as well as investors with a target of 50 to 100 million euros. We are excited about the potential to shape the future of fintech together.