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TerraPay is a licensed digital payments infrastructure and solutions provider, with a vision to drive ‘digital mobility’ to connect the last mile and enable cashless economies.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Europe, TerraPay is committed towards designing innovative interoperable payment solutions as a means of providing access and adoption to all participants in the digital payments ecosystem. Backed by the world's most trusted institutions: The International Finance Corporation (IFC), Partech and Prime Ventures, the company is paving the way for financial inclusion, financial resilience, and reduced inequality.

Delivering seamless customer journeys with international remittances at the core, and embarking on a unified payments offering in the B2B space, TerraPay is constantly innovating for future-ready digital solutions, integrating with banks, mobile wallet operators, and merchants.

TerraPay has a well-entrenched international partners network - 4 Bn+ bank accounts, 500 Mn+ mobile wallets, and a large and diversified merchant ecosystem, spanning across 79 receive countries and 153 send countries. The company’s vision is aligned to achieving the SDG 2030 goal of reducing remittance costs and mobile wallet remittances, by providing cost effective money transfer services to partners in send markets, thereby reducing the global average of remittance costs from 7% to 3% in some key markets. Also, 97% of all transactions are delivered in real-time (< 1 minute).

As a B2B company, TerraPay is an interoperable global payments platform, helping achieve ubiquity and scale, by connecting multiple and diverse payment instruments and payment modes, with single API integration.

TerraPay’s continuous endeavor is to strengthen and offer value-added services on its digital payments highway, deepening engagement and adding more participants to a single cohesive financial ecosystem.