Startups Hangout

Introducing Zing Cover

CEO and Founder: Robert Korzinek

CTO and Co-Founder:Matt Nunney


"Zing is not a white label solution and doesn't seek to 'bolt on' to or hide its product benefits. We want our customers to look for Zing at the checkout of their favourite brands. We want our insurance subscriptions to be used, to be retained and to be valued. By creating genuine partnerships with retail brands, Zing is creating insurance products better suited to our customers' lives and enjoyment of their important possessions, ensuring that their coverage is kept relevant during its life cycle and making claims as close as possible to a new retail experience. For our partner retailers, we are demonstrating that insurance is more than just an additional recurring revenue: it is a tool to boost buyer confidence and create improved sales conversion, enrich post-purchase engagement and maintain brand affinity including as part of the claims process. And by sitting at the intersection of customer and the retail brands with which they associate, Zing is building new insurance data sets for delivery of better crafted products with more sustainable, inclusive and fairer pricing."