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Startups Hangout

Introducing Rivero

Co-Founder: Thomas Weber

Co-Founder: Fatemeh Nikayin, PhD

Co-Founder: Thomas M.

"Rivero is a RegTech with the goal of simplifying payments operations whilst improving security and ease-of-use. Rivero AG was founded in 2019 by a crack team of payments and software veterans, including Thomas Müller (Former CISO of a large Swiss Card Issuer), Fatemeh Nikayin (Experience Fintech expert) and Thomas Weber (Ex-Mastercard and Veteran of the Fraud Prevention industry).

The Swiss startup’s first product, Kajo, was launched in April 2020 among a strong initial customer base across Europe. Rivero’s second product was launched in March 2021 to a growing client base across Europe. Rivero’s set of products, focused on solving the confusion of the payments back-end, are completely web-based and requires no IT integration. Amiko, Rivero’s first SaaS product, is the only commercially available fully digital Dispute Management SaaS solution. The all-encompassing tool covers all fraud recovery and dispute management needs, enabling all-in-one case handling through Amiko. With add-ons such as a self-service chatbot, built-in automation and in depth reporting. Following on from the success of Amiko, Rivero launched Kajo, transforming the compliance process from that day forward. Kajo is an all-in-one scheme compliance tool which mitigates scheme non-compliance risk - a crucial are for the payments industry. The tool is head and shoulders above the competition and enables enormous efficiency gains when dealing with compliance. Rivero is committed to collecting client feedback and using it to develop improvements.

The client base is rapidly growing. The team are also passionately involved with the fintech community, regularly engaging about issues facing the payments industry and the fintech industry as a whole. Fatemeh Nikayin, Co-Founder and Head of Growth, is passionate about fraud prevention and dispute management. She publishes a weekly blog in collaboration with Finextra discussing fraud in payments, and how we can better deal with the constant adversary of the fintech industry. The team have also recently partnered with CFTE to launch a series of explainers breaking down the card payments industry.

Fatemeh, Thomas and Thomas took the participants through a series of courses covering card scheme compliance, fraud and dispute management, Pay by Bank and the value chain of card payments. Over at Rivero we are extremely excited about the upcoming Money 2020 Europe conference. As a startup in the European fintech community, the event has been circled on our calendars for months, and we would be thrilled to bring along the team at the Startups hangout and contribute to the conference. Money beach is the perfect place for the team to continue their engagement in the community and network with other promising European startups."