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Nitrobox GmbH

CEO and Co-Founder: Henner Heistermann

CEO: Sven Grimminger

"Nitrobox was founded by eCommerce industry experts who got fed up that there were no real solutions on the market for building sophisticated digital business models. Co-founders Henner Heistermann and Sven Grimminger built Nitrobox on the back of a successful consulting business. Together, they developed an ambitious, purpose-built monetization and billing platform out of a passion and motivation for helping any business achieve its absolute potential. They envisioned a world where everyone can build a global business without worrying about the complexities of monetization. Nitrobox clients no longer think about whether or how to monetize a business model - they simply do it.

To accomplish this vision, the founders set out on a disruptive mission to provide the best and most innovative billing & monetization solutions through technology, and the Nitrobox platform was born. The Nitrobox platform is a SaaS solution designed to disrupt a static, ERP-dominated market niche. It drives a unique combination of business value by enabling scaling startups and enterprises with digital products and an ambitious international focus to effortlessly create, launch, monetize and maintain digital business models in any market.

It is custom-built to enable users to grow their business without boundaries and without the soul-sucking, tedious manual effort rampant in accounts receivable processes and ERP system management. In straightforward terms, it automates and scales complex financial and revenue processes, and manages any sophisticated billing and pricing model, such as subscriptions, pay-per-use, digital one-time transactions, tiered models, or any hybrid model. Our clients love Nitrobox because it drives a unique combination of business value. It improves billing performance, enables innovative product launches, and scaling financial processes where other tools fall short. Further, Nitrobox helps business to cope with massive amounts of recurring payments. To do this, Nitrobox provides all capabilities in one central platform, ranging from smart contracts, a unique subledger system, billing and invoicing, revenue recognition, payments configuration, and dunning. Specifically to financial sector organizations, we provide Fintech businesses with the essential tools to build their unique payment models. With Nitrobox, our clients see an average reduction in cost per invoice by 78%, an improved average time-to-market of new business models in 2 weeks, and a decrease in time spent on invoice management from 2 weeks to 1 day. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Nitrobox operates globally and focuses on EU- headquartered enterprises and startups to create, launch, and manage highly sophisticated digital business models at scale, regardless of the market, expeditiously, safely, and securely.

Nitrobox collaborates with clients from more than 70 countries worldwide, enabling them to achieve top-line growth while reducing costs and increasing customer lifetime value by ensuring great customer billing and payment experience."