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Startups Hangout

Introducing Hokodo

Co-Founder and Co-CEO: Louis Carbonnier

Co-Founder and Co-CEO: Richard Thornton

Co-Founder and Co-CTO: Sami Ben Hatit

"Hokodo is a pan-European fintech company whose mission is to bring B2B commerce into the 21st century. Hokodo’s digital trade credit and B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solutions enable B2B merchants to sell more by offering credit terms to their business customers instantly, even on their first purchase. Merchants get paid upfront, while Hokodo handles all collections. Buyers benefit from interest free payment terms through a frictionless checkout experience. Over 30% of B2B trade takes place on credit terms, with trade credit representing the largest source of business financing in advanced economies. Yet current processes for offering trade credit are outdated and not fit for the digital age. Hokodo’s digital platform solves these issues by offering merchants a powerful set of solutions to manage trade credit and scale with confidence. Merchants that integrate with Hokodo see on average a 40% increase in revenues. Hokodo supports B2B merchants with a range of credit management solutions, including credit information, working capital finance, insurance against late payments and collections services. Hokodo’s digital platform combines instant credit assessments and automated limits management, all served up via e-commerce platform plug-ins or API. Hokodo protects merchants by insuring the credit risk with Lloyd’s of London and arranges the financing so that our customers get paid upfront. Hokodo’s solutions are underwritten by SCOR Syndicate 2015, SCOR SE’s corporate syndicate at Lloyd’s of London."