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Startups Hangout

Introducing Banked

COO and Co-Founder: Neil Ambler

CEO and Co-Founder: Brad Goodall

"Banked is a fintech startup revolutionising the payments industry. Pay by bank is the next logical step in the evolution of payments, both in terms of customer experience and lowering rates of fraud. Banked has built the pay by bank infrastructure needed to move the concept from idea stage into real-world use - and the market is taking notice. Banked was founded in London in 2018 by Brad Goodall and has seen stellar growth over the last 5 years, raising around $40 million over that period and experiencing adoption by banks and merchants alike. Towards the end of 2022, Banked announced a marquee $15 million Series A funding round, led by Bank of America and supported Insight Partners, CitiBank and more.

This funding demonstrates the significant opportunity which Banked is seising, and paves the way for continued commercial expansion of a product which improves both consumer and merchant experience. During the development of Banked’s platform, intense focus was given to the areas of risk, compliance, security, consumer protection, platform scalability and most importantly feature-rich user experiences. These principles have begun to pay dividends in the market - in 2022, we announced multiple partnerships to bring Pay by Banked into the consumer’s everyday life. We partnered with Seedrs to create more choice for customer payments whilst investing, with Bank of America to power e-commerce businesses at scale an d Comic Relief to remove transaction fees for donations and matching all funds received via Pay by Banked. These partnerships demonstrate the advantages of using Pay by Banked - instant payouts, two factor authentication and easy-to-use UI. One of the most important themes running through Banked is a culture of diversity, inclusion and a sense of community. A useful resource when learning about Banked as an organisation is the articles section on our website.

This is a small example of the wider culture at Banked - whilst creating a financial tool which is extraordinary, but rather technical, it is key to keep the community involved and ensure that all content is accessible as possible. Brad Goodall, CEO and Co-Founder at Banked, is extremely excited about attending Money2020 Europe, and would be thrilled to participate in the startups hangout. With an exciting, finance-related product and an interesting & engaging team, Banked is a perfect fit for Money Beach. As a startup straddling the UK, Europe and USA fintech communities, Money2020 Europe’s global attendance list is unique and extremely exciting."