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CEO: Philipp Buschmann

COO/CFO and Co-Founder: Martin Damaske

"AAZZUR is a fintech orchestration platform that enables our clients to build or embed fintech services. We deliver our services at the point-of-need; contextually; without the need to invest in a fintech tech stack. If you want to offer B2B credit, for example, this requires a customer to work with 3-5 tech providers, several license providers and an integration partner. We simplify this to one or two contracts, no platform investment and a radically quicker time to market.

We deliver front-end components that range from banking to insurance with curated best-of-class suppliers attached. They are abstracted and made interoperable. We drive conversion, revenue, reduce costs and reduce churn. Our current customers and partners include a number of neobanks, fintechs, corporate businesses, and established banks. We have more than 15 successful collaborations (integrations) on our platform. We are revenue generating and growing 10% month on month on average."