Square Facts

Square Facts, a division of iCOVER, offers compliance and risk solutions by combining human intelligence with advanced technology. Our third-party screening, monitoring, and due diligence services provide valuable insights for overall compliance needs, from entry-level screening to investigative reports on individuals and organizations.

By tapping into over 800,000 curated sources, we deliver thorough anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, and counter-financing terrorism reports with speed and precision at a competitive price.

At Square Facts, we aim to simplify the complex process of complying with a constantly evolving regulatory landscape for our clients. Our approach involves utilizing the latest technology and data science, while also incorporating the expertise of our experienced analysts to provide clear ready-to-use reports.

Our global risk intelligence team consists of 40 highly trained analysts, including experts in AML and investigative due diligence, as well as business journalists, forensic accountants, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies speaking + 35 languages.

We strive to deliver top-notch service to our clients with an emphasis on accuracy and reliability, enabling informed business decisions with confidence through our comprehensive reports.

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