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YouPayer, LLC is a company whose strategy is based on FinTech technological innovation. The idea of coming up with the safier and easier way to pay online and offline. It is an opportunity for anybody to pay in any way they prefer, including through their Orange money, MTN mobile money, EU mobile & Bitcoin from YouPayer platform. It is a market gap in the web and mobile app world that currently has few firms operating. It is an opportunity we see in the African market. We realized that there are a lot of transactions done on daily, weekly, monthly and on yearly basis. Therefore there is the need for a common platform, which is easy to use for all the cash transactions. This is why YouPayer, LLC have decided to come up with the YouPayer app.

YouPayer, LLC has created the YouPayer web and mobile app as a platform for people to do easy cash transactions. We have designed our app in a manner that facilitates ease and enables every user the ability to get more done in less time.

Academy 2018

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