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WIN - Women Investing Now

WIN – Trusted Financial Guidance made Personal, Affordable and Scalable.

WIN is the first interactive, user-personalized financial decision solution that makes better financial decisions simple and confident action quick and seamlesss.

Digital and scalable, WIN delivers the USD $1 trillion opportunity represented by women to financial institutions time and cost-effectively.

Tailored to the needs of women, WIN provides customer-first, goal-focused guidance, just-in-time relevant content, and trusted engagement for better financial decisions and confident action.

Powered by DecideGuide - the first on-demand, interactive, user- personalized decision engine, WIN is a one-stop platform partner for lead generation, engagement and retention.

Designed to integrate ML anad AI technologies, WIN is a customizable plug-and-play solution enabling quick deployment and cost-effective customer acquisition by financial institutions.

WIN is a win-win solution for women and financial institutions.

Academy 2018

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