Wetech is a dynamic company that thinks beyond conventions and puts the consumers at the heart of our designs to create inspiring experiences that combine fashion and technology. We combine trendy designs, advanced hardware systems and smart software to develop new wearable products and innovative solutions that increase customer value and improve brand awareness. We have developed a wide range of wearables with payment, access control, identification and localization capabilities. We have products such as bracelets, watchbands, watches, rings, keyfobs and phone cases in a variety of materials.

Wetech provides mobile and wearable solutions to help extract real business value from new digital systems and to transform businesses with state-of-the-art technologies. Our offering includes solutions for innovative payments, secure identification, smart notifications and efficient geolocation.

Wetech also offers end-to-end developments providing the guidance, advice, devices, software and support to deliver high quality wearables and digital systems at low prices.

Star sponsor - 2018

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