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Website : http://www.w-ha.com
Twitter : @whaPayment


W-HA is a limited liability company, subsidiary of Orange, with a capital of 10 million Euros. 
W-HA is an Electronic Money Institution, part of French “GIE CB” and a Visa & MasterCard member. W-HA payments solutions address Key Accounts, Telco Operators, Content Providers and Fintech. Within the framework of EU financial regulations, W-HA offers a large set of payment services (single & recurring transactions): on-bill, bank cards, SCT/SDD, e-wallets, prepaid accounts, vouchers and P2P transfers, but also m-POS and payments collection by third parties. W-HA ensures that the customer’s payment journey is associated with ease-of-use, security and quality of service.
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Clearing house services
Financial clearing and settlement
Fraud management and solutions
Mobile financial services
Mobile payments and remittances

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