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Conversational AI is the holy grail of artificial intelligence. It has been of dream of computer scientists for 50 years now. From movies to tv shows, conversational AI has dominated popular culture. With the recent development of deep learning , deep neural networks finally began to start working.

And in 2016, Voca was born. We found a way to create a human-friendly agent that has been proven to increase revenue and customer satisfaction for call centers. But the real question arises: did we finally pass the Turing Test? To realize that you are not talking to a computer when you really are? Well, we are finally seeing it come to light.

Every day we are striving to come up with the best solution because we believe in solving the hardest problems out there when it comes to your business’ call centers. Approaching your customers is hard. But we are here to help you. We are making an art of the science of conversational artificial intelligence.

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