UPT (“Universal Payment Transfer”) Payment Services


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UPT (“Universal Payment Transfer”) Payment Services

UPT Payment Services, is the FIRST payment institution licensed by BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) in Turkey and a 100% subsidiary of Aktif Yatirim Bankasi A.S. (Aktif Bank). UPT has started is operations in 2010 as a domestic money transfer product of Aktif Bank, the biggest investment bank in the country. Since the acquisition of its payment institution licence in 2015, UPT services has significantly expanded to cover international money transfers towards and from Turkey, with cash payout, transfer-to-account and transfer-to-card options. With a service network of more than 5000 locations for cash payout including Turkish Post Office; direct access to all bank accounts and all payment cards in Turkey, UPT currently works with more than 40 partners worldwide, providing them online access through a simple API, to the largest distribution network and options in the country. In 2017, with a business volume of more than 2 million money transfer transactions, UPT has received money transfers from 90+ countries and sent transactions to 110+ countries, worldwide.

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