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Hello, we’re Tully. Did you know that half of the people in the UK are stressed about their debts? And with the increasing cost of living as well as flexible working, debts – and the stress they cause – are affecting more and more of us.

With Tully, debt’s not a dirty word, it’s just part of life. And it’s something we can deal with together.

We help people understand what they can afford to save, borrow and repay by giving them a realistic budget that reflects their day to day lives. For those that need it, we provide advice on how to manage their repayments and AI driven money coaching powered by Open Banking data to identify and help people with debt.

The best way to deal with any type of stress is to make a plan. We offer people a clear way to take control of their debts and reduce that stress; we call it a Flexi Plan. A Flexi Plan is an Open Banking powered repayment plan that adjusts to the ups and downs of real life. So for people with variable incomes, or who get hit with a financial curveball like the car breaking down or the boiler packing up, a Flexi Plan will adapt repayments to that customer's affordability. It means they never have to worry about paying their debts. Whatever life throws at them.

Our approach to debt advice results in behavioural changes, long-lasting financial well-being and lower breakage rates.

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