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TreasurySpring is a financial technology company that is unlocking multi-trillion dollar short-term funding markets. Our Fixed-Term Fund (FTF) platform delivers new digital pipelines to connect cash rich firms to institutional borrowers.

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure and designed in collaboration with leading industry participants, FTFs bring the power of the largest, most sophisticated treasury departments to all firms holding material cash balances, for the first time.

Driven by client demand to reduce and diversify risk in cash holdings without compromising returns, we have taken established concepts and structures and re-purposed them to create a new, regulated and standardised platform for the modern treasury function.

Designed for all holders of large cash balances, from corporates to charities, private funds to insurance companies, family offices to private banks and beyond, FTFs share many of the characteristics of a term deposit, but are much more versatile.

By providing transparent, single-name, fixed-term access to government, secured bank and corporate assets, FTFs offer clients an opportunity to diversify away from traditional unsecured bank exposure, to reduce risk and increase returns, through a simple digital platform that requires no additional infrastructure or cost.

For governments, banks and investment-grade corporates that could benefit from short-term financing, Fixed-Term Funds offer flexible, low-cost access to a new, diverse network of non-bank funders.

Our executive team has worked together in fixed income since 2006, in the hedge fund, asset management, consultancy and technology sectors, and have advised on over $30bn of short-term assets for some of the world’s leading hedge funds and corporations.

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