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Trade Ledger

Trade Ledger, established in 2016, is a platform for better business lending that supports many lending categories including invoice funding, supply chain financing and debtor financing.

Trade Ledger is a complete digital business lending operation. We create a channel to support all major types of cash flow lending products and enable faster growth.

Our unique understanding of electronic invoicing, and other business transaction technology has enabled the creation of a supply chain transactional network that is at the core of the Trade Ledger platform. This provides unparalleled access to the B2B transaction data that underpins receivables.

We use this unique ability to determine payment risk and fraud accurately for any receivable. For our lending customers this equates to unfair advantage through superior underwriting capability and ultimately much needed product innovation to address this underserved market. The platform further enhances our Lender customers’ business via the network effect, whereby the enhanced products drive greater customer adoption, which in turn drives further market demand and product innovation investment.

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