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TOC is an identity verification and biometric signature company. 

We work without enrollment or a database, by linking the fingerprint directly with the biometric information contained in the National Identity Card or Smartphone. 

Our patented TOC Trusted 3rd Party (TT3) model which functions through TOC Cloud creates a unique token for every transaction. 

No database means Privacy and Security: There is nothing to steal and there are no mistakes. The match is a direct 1:1 connection between my finger and the Smartphone/Tablet/ID card. 

What I am vs. what I have. 

TOC TRUSTED 3rd PARTY means zero possibility of identity fraud. 

We enhance de UX, making every transaction user friendly and fast. 

TOC is a strategic partner for its diversified client base that includes banking, retail, insurance, credit scoring, and government, among others, and we’re introducing our service to new sectors such as healthcare, passenger control, etc.,

Winners of: 
DigitalBank Latam 2014 (Santiago-Chile) 
Innova BBVA 2014 
DigitalBank Latam 2015 (Lima-Peru)

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