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Sync. will become the leading challenger bank in the industry. Not only will we provide our users with the ability to hold up to 25 currencies, and the ability to open an account in 3 minutes, but our GBP, EUR and USD accounts are actual locally-domiciled bank accounts. We will also be one of the first challenger banks to leverage Open Banking, allowing our uses to synchronise all of their financial accounts in one place, in one app, as one experience.

Open banking has unlocked a whole new universe of opportunities. We believe we will fill a huge gap in the market by helping people to manage their money and accounts in one place with one app. sync. provides users with greater access to their own banking data in order to help them interact, budget and manage their finances. By redefining (and redesigning) the primary banking relationship between users and their banking services providers, sync. aggregates a users’ financial data to provide them with greater control and enhanced monitoring of their financial position

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