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Stylopay has developed an advance open platform for contact-less payments and mobile wallets, with Host Card Emulation (HCE), Tokenization and Integrated Prepaid Payment Processing. StyloPay’s innovative and open digital payment architecture provides unparallel capability for development of end-to-end solutions, flexible and quick deployment, enablement and processing of digital financial accounts, including card credential management and provisioning. StyloPay’s flexible business model empowers businesses such as financial institutions, issuers and wallet service providers to setup their own payment solution at a low cost. It seamlessly combines mobile payments and loyalty making it useful for retailers and consumers. Furthermore, StyloPay differentiates itself by building customized solutions for each of its micro markets such as Hospitality, Retail and Educational sectors. Travelers get easy FX and use it to travel on TFL and do small buys. Wallets powered by Stylopay leverage NFC, is network independent and are secure.

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