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Strands is the FinTech partner for banks, having delivered more than 600 bank implementations for over 100 million customers in 36 countries to date. From our offices in Barcelona, Miami, Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires, we serve banks worldwide including Barclays, BBVA, Santander, Commercial Bank of Africa, Deutsche Bank, and Huntington, among others.
Strands is a FinTech pioneer with the award-winning solution for Personal Financial Management (PFM) launched in 2008 in the United States and Europe. Strands Finance Suite today includes a portfolio of products that share a common foundation based on Big Data Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Open API and best-in-class Customer Experience.
The company’s mission is to enable banks and merchants to anticipate customer needs and proactively suggest next-best-actions to increase long-term customer value. Strands’ solutions empower people to better manage their financial life and make more-informed, more intelligent consumer decisions.

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