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Minting a secure & immutable future

While working together on a blockchain application for a large financial institution, Matthew Van Niekerk and Roderik van der Veer quickly realised that the promise of the blockchain technology far exceeded the boundaries of the financial world. Simultaneously it dawned that there was and is a huge gap between organisations that want to innovate with blockchain, and the complexities of the technology itself.

SettleMint was founded in 2016 to bridge this gap using distributed middleware solution. It encapsulates all R&D on the technical, operational and organisational aspects of this technology and packages it in an easy to use developer toolkit. Published under the form of software development kits (SDK) that contain smart contract templates, API layers, micro services and browser components.
SettleMint, your connection to the Blockchain space

These SDKs support the top tier blockchain vendors like Ethereum (private and public), MultiChain, Hyperledger Fabric, BigchainDB and Bitcoin. These SDKs also incorporate support for adjacent technologies like IPFS and traditional cloud services and supporting components like identity management, and advanced cryptography makes this middleware a complete solution for anyone to bring blockchain-based applications to production.

Not only do we distribute the SDKs, but we also provide organisations looking to explore the blockchain technology within their sector with an end-to-end proof of concept, pilot or production grade systems using these software development kits. If you want to know more about the projects we’ve to build, check out

Last but not least, we support the growing interest in this technology via our Blockchain Academy that provides training worldwide in the usage of these technologies and use-cases. For the next events or to book an in-house session, check

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