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Satellite Moving Devices Wireless

SMD Wireless is an IT & Telecommunications Infrastructure Design & Consultancy firm which has pivoted to the fintech space with its solution. This platform represents a philosophical shift in the way money and commerce in general will be viewed. The future will be tokenized and it will no longer matter what currency or store of value is used during a transaction. It will be all about the network which most effectively exchanges that value.

We have recognized that the faster more efficient transactions of this tokenized world will require a rethink of today's payments stack. Through an API layer, we have created an end-to-end solution based around our unique AI-powered arbitrage engine. is a Payments Infrastructure as a Service (PIaaS) provider, with solutions for:

-The banking Forex/Hedge fund/Forex treasury space (Inter-bank network solution) -The business supply chain payments space (Business cross-border remittance and FX solution) -The brick and mortar retail payments space (P.O.S. solutions in the form of P.O.S. plugins for existing hardware terminals/alternatively a solution to turn mobile phones into cashless P.O.S. terminals) -The online payments space (eCommerce API solution) -The retail banking space (Mobile/online banking whitelabel solution)

For the first time, a money transmission service is able to earn revenue through the remittance process (local and cross-border), rather than a fee schedule. This turns the existing model on its head, opening new opportunities and new possibilities for everyone.

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