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Rabobank is a leading bank based in the Netherlands. We are committed to being a meaningful cooperative bank, making a substantial contribution towards achieving welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands and to resolving the global food issue. We are shaping our mission of ‘Growing a better world together’ with passion and this is bearing fruit.

We want to help all our customers grow. As the world is rapidly transforming to digital and mobile, our customers’ needs and expectations are also evolving fast. This¬ has resulted in a broad range of innovations and partnerships. Rabobank is working closely together with the start-up community to realise sustainable innovation for our customers. Supporting incubators and knowledge hubs fits seamlessly with our cooperative philosophy. Innovation is of key importance to help our customers achieve their strategic objectives.

Rabobank achieves its mission by developing own FinTech startups and investing in startups through Rabo Frontier Ventures. Through these startups and ventures that operate around the bank, Rabobank creates a new ecosystem and strategic options for the future that helps building a sustainable and future-proof business model.  Rabobank startups focus on services that address the changing financial needs of its customers and that are usually complementary to the traditional banking services.  Meet a few of the Rabobank startups at Money2020:

- Peaks: a mobile app that helps users to automatically invest their spare change and build a nest egg for later in life

- We.trade: a shared platform based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) that aims at making domestic and cross-border commerce easier, safer and more efficient for


- SurePay: SurePay delivers a variety of account-based verification services that helps to prevent payment fraud and misdirection.

- Rabo eBusiness: a range of online login, identity, signature and archiving solutions.

- mOOvement: a track, trace and sensor system that helps cattle producers to manage their cattle and get more efficient financing

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