Qualica Technologies was formed in 1999 by engineers who broke away from Internet Solutions (one of the largest ISP’s in the Southern Hemisphere and part of Dimension Data), providing developers and network consultants for bespoke work required by major ISP’s, large corporates and banks.  

In response to a market requirement for unsecured lending software development, in 2003 a subsidiary for dedicated financial services was created. Radix Financial Software then began building product for this market and licensing it to customers.  We have been providing core employer integrated payroll and retail lending solutions for large Micro-Finance providers since 2003, with our solutions powering the operations to one of the largest pan African lenders, African countries.

The financial services landscape has been identified as a key market for disruption due to its legacy issues, and the huge disruption, opportunity and competition present today in Financial Services. Qualica today, through its subsidiary Radix, is building an API first, micro-services architected, web-scale financial services factory toolkit platform, with the aim of offering, through their micro-services, the ability for financial service companies, to curate working applications from Radix or 3rd Party services, delivered on a CICD [continuous integration continuous development] basis, either on cloud or on premise. In addition to the platform Qualica offers a managed services solution for the platform.

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