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Pynk is the world's first People Powered Investment platform. We listen to the Wisdom of our Crowd (WoC), overlay Rose (our proprietary A.I.) and combine with our in-house expert analysis to help make short and long term investment decisions that deliver market-beating returns.

Most people are excluded from funds as they do not meet the entrance criteria. At Pynk we believe that regardless of wealth, knowledge, colour or religion everyone is welcome and has something to bring to the table.

So if you don’t have money to invest you can profit by sharing your wisdom, but if you do have money you can benefit from this shared wisdom as our system makes better decisions.

We were formed out of the founder institute accelerator in London in May 2018 and have a team from ex AOL, Google, BlackRock and Unilever.

Our alpha platform has been running since October 2018 and test fund launched in February 2019 providing 7.1% month on month returns.

We are now part of the NatWest Accelerator in London and launching our beta in 5 weeks with the launch of the retail fund set for Q3 2019

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