Peaks is a simple and beautifully designed Dutch app that makes it possible for everybody to set aside small amounts of money regularly and automatically invest in a portfolio of sustainable ETFs. In 2017, Peaks was founded with the idea that it should be possible for everyone to feel financially free. Not just for people who follow the stock market or read The Financial Times. No, at Peaks we believe that anyone who has a bank account, some money and a bit of patience can invest.


Peaks originated from the Old Dutch “piekenpijp”, which was a pipe that you filled with coins (“your spare change”). After a while you saved a nice amount that you could use for something fun or useful. With Peaks you can also collect your spare change, but then from your bank deposits. It’s like a “piekenpijp 2.0”. If, for example, you do groceries for € 9.20, you automatically put aside € 0.80. Another option is to put aside €1 every day. With all those little bits of money, you put a lot aside in the long run.


Peaks is founded by Tom Arends, Rutger Beens and Sijbrand Tieleman in 2017.

Academy 2018

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