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It’s difficult or impossible for brands today to fully leverage and profit from the latest technologies to deliver connected - online to offline - customer experiences. PassKit is on a mission to solve this.

With expertise in mobile wallet, beacons, chatbots, blockchain, and CRM/POS systems, PassKit ensures that businesses of all sizes are able to access the latest innovations in technology - making it even easier for brands deliver and profit from engaging connected customer experiences.

PassKit has and will continually evolve - integrating and connecting the latest technologies so that brands can effortlessly create and manage engaging, contextual, connected experiences, delivering tangible value for both business and consumer.

Today, more than 25,000 businesses use PassKit to connect and engage with over 100 million people worldwide. Our clients are some of the very best businesses across retail, hospitality, travel, insurance, F&B, telecommunications and financial services, including Best Western International, DFS, FWD Insurance, SSP,  Western Union, AIS, Heathrow Airport, Azul Airways and Jetstar Airways.

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