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Website : http://www.onpex.com


ONPEX is a global provider of modular, white-label Payment- and Banking-as-a-Service solutions. The Luxembourg-regulated financial institution and SWIFT member focuses on improving the scope, automation, and efficiency of financial services and infrastructure. Thanks to the advanced solutions, businesses broaden their product range and reduce their expenditures while meeting the highest standards in technology, regulation, and usability. This makes ONPEX a reliable partner of banks, fintechs, and ecommerce businesses from all over the world.
ONPEX solution range supports 2FA and XS2A as well as being PSD2- and PCI DSS-compliant. It enables banks and financial institutions to expand their offers, streamline processes, and offer new API-based services connected to their legacy banking systems. PSPs, ISOs, acquirers, processors, marketplaces, and international businesses expand and simplify their payment services around the world with made-to-measure payment processing and banking.
ONPEX has entities in Europe, North America and Asia. For more information visit www.onpex.com.

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