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ONE CLICK INDUSTRIES is a Haitian Technology Company founded in September 2014. Our Services include but not limited to : Technological Project Management (Digitalization); Mobile / Web Application Development; Security thanks to its mastery of Biometric Technologies.

ONE CLICK INDUSTRIES has grown steadily since its inception and registration; in 2 years, the combination of his activities of which: allowed him to manage Contracts of Digitization for several companies and organization of the place. The Company makes 60% of its turnover in DIGITALIZATION.



Our mission is to put Technology at the service of Communities to improve the quality of life.



This mission is also part of our goal of innovation in creating solutions that are useful to the community, efficient and fast for our customers. And finally, we want to guarantee Financial Inclusion in Haiti through FinTech. With the use of Mobile Technologies, we will help people in rural areas to use technology in their daily lives to carry out all kinds of transactions. This will create an ecosystem that will guarantee the financial inclusion pillar of growth and sustainable development in the medium term.

Our  Mobile Application "YonClik" allows you to make mobile purchase and payment transactions, directly from the Mobile Phone, it's a REVOLUTION on the market, another way to buy, another Commerce model. All done in 1 simple Click, including even home delivery of his order.


The problem:

Haiti is a population of about 12M people (of 60% young under 40y/o) and for this population, they are 7.3 M mobile phones (cellular). In the country there is also a urge gap between people living in Port-au-Prince having access to banking facilities and those living in countryside. Also, because there are woman street vendors are getting harassed by abusers and lost money they've made in markets (public/open rural market)


Our Solution:

To enable financial inclusion in Haiti for rural population to use their mobile phone to pay bills and make purchases and transactions. Get the unbanked into their economic role with our digital wallet payments are safer.  We develop a Mobile Application for both smart/regular phones with a catalog of products and services to be used at mobile/physical point of sales and/or mobile devices and other accessories to enable for out Mobile Instant Payment. We master biometric technologies, we will then use fingerprint as point of access for user/beneficiaries identification and authentication.



ONE CLICK INDUSTRIES is a team of professionals, young, dynamic, passionate about new technologies and united by the great vision of supporting communities in the new era of Technology. The Company currently has a staff of 12 permanent employees and 3 contract employees.

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