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Omnyway provides a fast rich mobile check-out solution that streamlines payments with easy redemption of loyalty, rewards and coupons with a single scan. The unique patent pending solution offers a white label service for leading brand issuers and retailers to deliver their own “Brand Pay” experience to their customers as part of existing mobile apps. Omnyway’s solution works omni-channel (physical, online stores, in-app) and omni-device (all iOS and Android phones) while providing high security based on tokenization and multifactor authentication. Omnyway helps issuers and retailers gain stronger relationship with their customers, while also allowing them to access the multi-billion dollar manufacturer SKU level promotion budgets. The platform is designed to support developed as well as emerging markets worldwide. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Omnyway is led and backed by veterans of the payments and retail industry, with deep expertise in payments, mobile, and e-commerce.

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