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Newgen Payments

Newgen Payments offers cutting-edge FinTech solutions for Payment Service Providers, Acquirers, Financial Institutions and E-Commerce Merchants, such as Instant Payment Page Builder, Payment Gateway A/B Testing and Dynamic Checkout to maximise conversions.

We take a business-partner approach in helping our industry partners to take their payments technology to the next level by boosting sales with dynamic payment gateway features, smart analytics, best-in-class fraud protection, and conversion optimization.

Our fraud prevention technology helps in detecting fraudulent transactions in real time without any impact to customer experience. Our unique solution includes machine learning classification engine which makes instantaneous decisions based on intuitive machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics and business rules algorithms, unique and accurate device fingerprinting, internet vpn/proxy detection, transaction velocity rules, and IP based Geofencing and much more.

Founded in 2014, Newgen is a multi-channel E-Commerce & International Payment Gateway Company with offices in Amsterdam and Delhi.

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