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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leader in omni-channel solutions, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences. With its software, hardware, and portfolio of services, NCR enables nearly 700 million transactions daily across the financial, retail, hospitality, travel, telecom and technology industries. NCR solutions run the everyday transactions that make your life easier. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with about 30,000 employees and does business in 180 countries. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Retail banks, merchant acquirers and national institutions (central banks, clearinghouses or national processors) are all facing similar challenges: a growing range of payment products from cash and check to cards to mobile wallets and real time payments while needing to reduce the cost of running and supporting payments systems. NCR’s solutions allow you to improve efficiency without losing the ability to support the next challenge. 


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