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McLEAR is a leading wearable technology company for payments, security, and fashion globally. The company was founded in 2012 in the UK and released the NFC Ring® to the world in mid-2013 – kick-starting the entire smart ring space. 

Our innovation made it possible for a ring to provide access control, personal interaction and now, make contactless payments with the touch of a hand. With hundreds of thousands of smart rings sold worldwide, innovative hardware and software technology solutions developed and plenty of IP under our belt – we’re on the forefront of smart ring wearable technology. We are in a strategic alliance with Visa, Inc., Gemalto and S.A. Our technology, combined with our strong partnerships continues to push boundaries and create more opportunities throughout the fintech world. 

We bring fashion and technology together in a seamless and useful way. 

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Twitter : @mclearco

LinkedIn : McLEAR

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