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KYC-Pass is a startup that takes over the need for organizations to create and invest into in-house AML and KYC teams, processes and technologies, providing instead a full 360-degree service and taking away any concerns dealing with such needs.

KYC-Pass simplifies, automates and fastens the KYC and AML processes for legal entities who need to identify any type of information related to other party, in order to minimize the risks while choosing partners or it is needed to validate a proof.

It is applicable in the cases where there is need to validate the legitimacy-, beneficiaries-, identity-, PEP-, vendors-, suppliers-, social responsibility- or any other information that is necessary to for an organization before approving the other party for business or other related activities and/or partnerships.

KYC-Pass enables organizations to be compliant with international KYC and AML regulations, also with the ones coming into force in 2020, while providing machine readable KYC and AML all-in-one proofs for full 360-degree service. KYC-Pass service is significantly more cost-efficient than building an in-house solution.

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