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Kredya is a consumer-centric Fintech platform that helps users make intelligent decisions in finding, getting, managing, and paying back their loans. Kredya's award-winning design is rooted in our passion for enabling consumers to take control of their debt. We make this easy by creating a fantastic user experience of loan search, loan management, and repayment.

Through Kredya's native mobile (iOS & Android) or web, users leverage their debt as an asset making better decisions resulting in saved money by choosing the right methods to manage and repay their loans. Kredya's goal is to help consumers make wise choices saving our users billions of dollars of interest every year.

Kredya earns revenue in 3 ways:

  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising

Kredya partners with financial institutions to make the process of searching, comparing, selecting, and applying for that loan as UX friendly and seamless as possible. The more integrated the application process, the more likely the consumer will choose that bank. When a user successfully receives a loan, Kredya gets an agreed on percent or fee from that bank.

Kredya works with banks allowing them to promote their loan products through sponsorship. Sponsorships highlight the bank's loan product in a visually apparent and appealing way.

Kredya works with other businesses in finance, automotive, real estate, etc. by placing ads on our platform in a tasteful, attractive, and tailored way. Our UX obsession avoids the normal unpleasant experience of untargeted ads by making ads meaningful to the consumer.

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