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JITKYC limited was incorporated in 2018 by two individuals who specialize in anti-money laundering compliance and technology software solutions. The Company’s mission is to turnaround the onerous KYC processes for regulated businesses into a simple, efficient and compliant solution.

Branded as KnowMeNow, the Company developed a mobile application which allows consumer to upload, verify and re-share their verified KYC across multiple KnowMeNow merchant partners. The solution greatly reduces current delays, costs and duplication of effort that are experienced during KYC processes.

The founders opted to create a unique decentralised system, that allows users to securely use and share their KYC identity since no middle party is involved between the storing and sharing of KYC information from user to merchant.

We provide fully compliant, swift and effortless KYC for our merchants - streamlining the registration process for both merchants and customers. Through our infrastructure, merchants onboard ready verified users, reducing cost and time burdens. Users benefit from the decentralised technology with a secure, re-usable and efficient verified identity wallet.

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