Hedgewiz offers to financial managers of corporations exposed to currencies volatility, a simple, yet comprehensive, solution for identifying, analyzing and mitigating currency exposures.

Our advanced financial and technology solution uses AI to make it easier for corporate finance teams to automatically identify currency risks, adopt a hedging policy and execute it seamlessly. The Hedgewiz’s analytics algorithm is based on the team’s wide experience in corporate FX risk management.

Hedgewiz is trusted by hundreds of CFOs of private and public corporations worldwide. We partner with financial institutions (banks and brokers) to allow execution of hedging transactions and to extend their offering to corporate customers with a highly scalable tool that increases the volume of hedging transactions.

Hedgewiz solution could be white-labeled by banks or financial institutions in order to enhance corporate customer engagement in the field of currency risk management.

Our solution is able to integrate with various ERP systems, in order to constantly monitor the exposure data, and create insights.

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