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To address the security risk posed by phishing scams, Gyomo utilizes just-in-time training, that combines machine learning, gamification, and crowd-sourcing to deliver training and security right when people need it most - at the exact moment they click on a suspicious link.

Gyomo not only trains users, Gyomo actually blocks the threat. Using the collective wisdom of freshly trained people to identify and block malicious sites, Gyomo transforms your #1 security vulnerability into a strong force actively working together in the defense of your network, blocking new threats as they arise.


90% of data breaches start with an email phishing attack.  In spite of companies collectively spending billions to train their employees about security, and billions more to block and filter the internet when that training inevitably doesn't work... yet the problem continues to get worse. The training is not  relevant, timely, or real.  And it is not repeated often enough to be effective - in part because most people view it as a waste of time.

Companies then turn to blocking the internet - while potentially very secure, often blocks too many websites and negatively impacts productivity.  To minimize lost employee productivity, companies then hire costly security analysts to review and approve sites in timely manner.  The ineffective training, often over-zealous blocking, and labor-intensive security reviews all results in higher costs, while the security problems continue to grow. Economic losses due to data breaches are expected to top $2T by 2019.

Gyomo provides very short (15-60) seconds training sessions at the exact moment a user clicks on an unknown link. In addition to the expected security awareness material, users also review real phishing websites that other uses are trying to view at that moment.  This provides real experience with real threats in less that 60 seconds, 2-3 times a week. Reviews can be crowd-sourced to speed up (or even eliminate!) the analysts’ work.  This real time analysis also provides supervision for the machine learning algorithm that automatically processes and categorizes most of the unknown site requests.

Gyomo transforms your #1 security vulnerability into active and effective participants in the defense of your network.


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