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Grandhood is building a better pension plan for small and medium size businesses. Grandhood is on a mission to simplify and capture the European market for occupational  pension plans. We exist to democratise the good pension solution for small and medium size businesses!

Grandhood is adulthood, just better. We created the name ‘Grandhood’ since we believe ‘retirement’ was associated with negativity and frustration. Well, with Grandhood it’s not! So, we created a new word for it. Our name cherishes the third part of your life. You have a childhood, an adulthood, and now you have a Grandhood too. Grandhood is not a place to grow old, but a place to make new memories. It’s not an old life, it’s a gold life. Simply a grand life!

We founded Grandhood with the ambition of reinventing the way people perceive pension. With a visionary approach Grandhood constantly challenges the highly complex pension industry with the ambition to bring people a grand life, their whole life.

We discovered one critical yet essential pitfall in the market; pension was simply too complex for people to fully understand and rely on. This factor created anxiety and distress among most hardworking individuals – a feeling Grandhood help people avoid by making pension easy to understand and operate. Keen on changing the complexity of pension and nurturing people’s peace of mind Grandhood was founded.

Academy 2018

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