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FREGNAN is a financial technology company that uses artificial intelligence (“AI”) and web harvesting to produce data driven, unbiased, high quality investment / equity research for investors and fund managers.

Investment managers are in pain. Either their performance is questioned, or their cost base is under attack. They need good quality research at an affordable price.

FREGNAN has built a powerful analytical engine that creates a fully integrated and connected financial model automatically. It does this through ‘machine learning’ all the relationships between the line items in a company’s accounts. It then tests and/or connects this model to any external data given to it, thereby creating a unique, predictive financial model for each company that is connected to the external world.

By using these techniques asset managers, and those creating opinion driven research, get new insight into a company’s historical performance and its predicted performance Current research is done by Investment Analysts, each of whom typically cover 20 companies. FREGNAN engine can cover the entire market - globally.

Although a relatively new company, FREGNAN has already built its first engine, created its first product and gained a number of early adopter clients. It has gained recognition from various competitions and accelerators, most recently ‘graduating’ from Accenture’s prestigious FinTech Innovation Lab in London, which has led to a number of discussions with global companies interested in deploying its capability at scale.

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